The Air is Bitter, the Wind is Sweet

God is creative.

Because God is creative, I have the real-time, real-life capacity to imagine, dream, and envision (expect) things that are beyond my limited scope of natural sight.

Which makes me think, if God didn’t exist (which actually, totally contradicts the fact that I was created…) I’d lack the ability to imagine, to dream, to think (see) beyond that which I can immediately see and know.

I wonder if, without being made in the image of the creative God, I’d just be an animal…

I just offended all of you cat-lovers, didn’t I?

So I, in my own nature, cannot know the things that God has prepared for me.
My eyes can’t see, my ears can’t hear, my mind can’t conceive what God has planned for me.
BUT IT WAS THE SPIRIT OF GOD that revealed these things to me.

The Spirit of God searches out the things of God and show us his deep (& creative secrets) that are exceedingly, abundantly, BEYOND that which we could ever ask, hope or think of.

We have received his spirit SO THAT WE CAN KNOW the things he FREELY GIVES to US.

I think we, too often, take the familiar revelation of Holy Spirit for granted.
Religion has taught us that it’s HARD to hear God’s voice, that it’s reserved for those that are “good enough” to hear it.

But do you REALLY think that the dream in your heart was from YOURSELF?
You, who WITHOUT GOD, would have no capacity to dream or envision or HOPE for something beyond that which you can see.

You can have as much of God as you want.
He’s been made 100% available and accessible now because of Jesus.
100%. You can have as much of him as YOU want.

Do you really believe that?
Then why are you striving to hear? Why are you striving to get a “clear word” or revelation?
Do you realize that God is on YOUR SIDE now?
Do you realize that HE WANTS YOU TO HEAR HIM more than YOU do?
Do you remember that he is a God that wants to be FOUND?

Holy Spirit was given to us to LEAD US into ALL TRUTH.
ALL truth.

All revelation, all encouragement, all dreams, all visions, all expectations, all hope; ALL TRUTH.

The very fact that you can IMAGINE something GOOD beyond your present situation IS GOD.

Our religious boxes cause us to “over spiritualize” the voice of God and we’re left sitting in a puddle of confusion, doubt and fear, wondering “was that REALLY God?” – left questioning what we heard as if his voice is so infrequent and distant.


Jesus is real. He’s alive. And he, being the word of God, is always speaking.
Holy Spirit, being our comforter, guiding us into all truth, always has something to say.

Are you really listening? Or are you too busy striving (trying) to hear the voice of God to the point that when you think you finally do, you’re left questioning every single impression you even had.

He is found in the quiet place, in the resting of our hearts against his.
EVERYTHING IN YOU was DESIGNED to be able to HEAR & RECOGNIZE his voice.
Just like a baby recognizes it’s father’s voice, so naturally, so effortlessly.
There was no training involved, no coaching, no striving, memory-racking lessons.
It’s just natural.

Go back to being like a child.
Go back to trusting what you hear; trusting what you sense.

How many good, creative, hopeful, imaginative thoughts that are actually FROM HIM do you just discount because it’s so familiar and natural, you think they were your own ideas?

Don’t you remember?


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