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I’m back!

My blogging break was much needed as I walked through a season of REST. Some of the season was spent resting, most of the season was spent TRYING to rest, and ALL of the season was spent LEARNING to rest.

I see now what Paul means when he talks about “laboring into rest”. I see how HARD it is, especially for someone like me, to STOP.
BE STILL, know.

For now, I’m leaving most of my heart’s ramblings in the journals I’ve been filling to the brim until I feel released to honestly convey what I’ve learned and walked through in the last year (God knows, its for GOOD). I want to be sure that I have been sensitive to the lessons found in times and seasons and that my words would be written out of true wisdom and knowledge as opposed to emotion and premature impression.

Until then, I’m sharing the lighter, brighter moments…

Brighter moments like the fact that I hate New Year’s resolutions.

It happens every year. The champagne bottles are empty and the whole world makes their to-do list of how they’re going to better their life. They’re going to get in shape, quit this or that, read more, save more, give more…the list goes on. They make these grand ambitious goals and here in the real world we see and feel the effect their new choices have…until March.

Gyms across the country are making bank on everyone’s suddenly-new-found commitment to their health. Fitness clubs are bursting at the seams with 20-person lines for the machines. My friend’s gym made announcements all night last week that they were at maximum capacity and would not be allowing anymore people into the building.

Stores across the country feel the hit of the “spend less, save more” resolution as the holidays are just a traumatic memory and their weekly sales dwindle down with a bright horizon in this economic state. I see it every year, the regulars at the store comment on how they’ve “never seen it this slow in here” and the new people wonder if they’ll “always have 20 hours from now on instead of 32” and if they should be looking for second job.

Now, it’d be easy to say that I’m a cynic on this issue, but the facts show that come March the gyms wind down and our stores ramp up. Oh, glorious March! No longer do I have to share my triceps extension set with a sweaty, very single, young professional because the hipsters are packed like sardines over by the free weights! By the time March is here the greater population of suburbia cannot stand going to work without their Triple Venti Caramel Macchiato and we’re back in business! The world as we know it starts to feel normal again. Well, as soon as everyone is done beating themselves and their spouse up for giving up on their resolutions…again.

Now maybe I’m just burned by people making commitments that they don’t follow through with, but I refuse to make New Year’s resolutions. Maybe I’m afraid to put that much collective pressure on myself, joining the rest of the human race in their endeavors to dream big and dive hard. It also probably has something to do with the fact that I don’t believe you should have to wait for a New Year to have a new day.

So for that stubborn, non-conforming reason, I decided to start my 12-day detox until February.

I’m kidding! It just so happened that way. Someone always (always!) told me that “if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail”. So after being sick for two whole months I made a plan. I threw out all of the food in my house that didn’t fit into my “detox laws” that I made up (which I thought was going to be a lot but surprisingly wasn’t) & called it good. I’m working on building health & wholeness in all areas of my life in this season lately & this just happened to be one practical way that I could facilitate that.

Which leads me to the whole point of this post to begin with: I made the bomb stir-fry.

It was a chicken & Thai green curry dish (with no rice). I actually hate cooking chicken because it’s seemed so boring to me lately so I’ve been trying to mix things up with new cooking methods and flavors.

My new favorite thing is slow-cooking. You cook the chicken on a low heat in a shallow frying pan with broth or water added to your mix of seasonings. Cooking your meat at a low temperature for a longer period of time allows for the flavors to cook through the meat to give it this tender texture and natural sweetness.

I cooked a few chicken breasts in a little chicken broth with some freshly cracked peppercorn, coriander, yellow curry powder, and cayenne pepper for about 30 min on med-low.

While the chicken was cooking I added olive oil, a few cloves of chopped garlic and a whole onion (half chopped, half sliced into big pieces for the stir fry) to a bigger pot that I would eventually combine my chicken, vegetables, and sauce in. I let the onions and garlic slowly cook to caramelize. After the onions were nice and transparent I added a can of light coconut milk and the chicken. I added a couple spoonfuls of green curry paste, fish sauce, and stevia. Then I added a sliced red pepper, fresh cubes of butternut squash, water chestnuts, and a whole bunch of KALE! I put the lid on the pot and cooked it on med-low to “steam” the vegetables with the curry.

This was so cheap, so easy, SO HEALTHY, and you’d never know you were missing the rice!


Um…Happy New Year?






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