Oh Look! A Penny

I bought my first watch today!

People with my type of personality have no concept of time. I’m learning that’s one of the reasons being rushed disturbs me so much. It disrupts my ability to disconnect myself from the constraints of reality, brings me back down to earth & the pressure is on.

I always thought I was a person who thrives under pressure. I work in a fast-paced environment, I understand the value of being efficient & having routines. I like the excitement of life when it’s busy, full of things to accomplish, and productive.

But I’m learning that the type of pressure I like & thrive under is the pressure that I induce; a pressure that produces a purpose that I have a vision & passion for.

I crumble & diminish under expectation; under external pressures that leave me fighting to prove myself worthy, perfect or ideal.

Maybe meeting the expectation to fit into someone’s time frame is too much pressure for my sensitive, whimsical spirit.

Whatever the reason, I’m seeing the need to refine my productivity – as I’m making a conscious effort to be intentional with my time – to be time-sensitive.

In every situation, hours seem like minutes to me and I’ve enjoyed every little moment, so intently invested in each one, that I lose track of time.

Perhaps this is the struggle for passionate people.
Perhaps I have ADD…

I’m working on my time management as a part of continuously developing myself.

Step number one was to get a watch.


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