Giving of the Deep Well

I thrive off of time spent – life lived – in the secret place. I find myself in the hiddenness of worship and prayerful introspection. I recharge my heart in the safety of engaged solitude.

Lately I’ve been so challenged with how intentional I am or, actually, how intentional I’m not. When it comes to relationships, when it comes to time spent, am I engaging all of the parts of my heart and life with a refined purpose or am I simply aimless?

There’s a season for everything. This last year was a season of freedom where I learned to cast off all of the constraints of expectation and performance driven energies. I learned how exhausting it is to cater your life to another’s approval as if to earn some sort appreciation in efforts to prove your actual worth. I saw the demise of “living” that way and was really tested and refined in this season of freedom, learning and working out what he had been speaking to me all along:

You are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t have to do anything, say anything, or be anything; you just are.

Now in this new season, I’m learning how to be intentional in developing complete health and wholeness in this arena known as my heart. I’m learning how to be full of vision and purposeful with this new-found freedom as I partner with Holy Spirit to build a story of mercy, grace and restoration.

A wise woman builds (establishes, develops, grows, strengthens, multiplies) her home – P14:1

I’ve looked at my relationships, friends I’ve had for years, ones who know me and love me still and I wonder if I’m wasting the precious time, vulnerability, and influence that we carry with each other. I wonder “how high is high” with what the Lord has joined together. Am I really operating at my fullest capacity, to the measure that’s intended, in all areas of my life? Am I unrestrained and generous in the giving of myself to serve and love the ones that I’ve been blessed with?

This is just a tiny facet of learning to love well that I’m wanting to develop and refine. I want to be a steadfast builder with vision and purpose as a developer of people in all areas of my life.

How rewarding it is to give of yourself! The world needs you to be you because no one else on Earth can do what you  can do.

Be purposeful and generous with all of you.


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