My Cup You’re Filling

The sun is shining today. I can hear the melting snow, dripping from the roof’s edges, right outside my window. The singing sparrows are waking me up from my dreams again and I can’t help but think that spring is right around the corner.

Everything is covered with grace. Everything is bursting with hope.

This time last year, I was packing up my life and moving it across the city to a house with a story and a promise. Everything was so new in that day, like a fresh canvas with it’s artist dreaming up the possibilities of color and texture and life. I had a vision of the time spent in this house and I was just at the beginning stages of seeing it unfold.

A year later, I’m reflecting on all of the moments that have been shared here. I’m remembering Will Matthew’s set blaring from the speakers as we danced with joy that transcended the current situation. I’m remembering the new friends I made, the old ones that stayed, and the way we all found a reason to laugh and delight in each other. I’m remembering the bonfires, the elaborate dinners, the late nights of heart-to-hearts, the birthday parties and the sound of worship echoing between floor and ceiling.

I’m remembering how it felt learning to stand on my own; to trust the Father, to know his goodness and his kindness in my life under the covering of such compassion and mercy. I’m remembering the provision I found for my heart and his gentle leadership that caused me to find myself and come alive in the midst of my brokenness.

I’m remembering what it was like to make this house of promise a home.

Now this house holds memories and stories of life, love and the painful, yet exceedingly rewarding, restoration of all things.

Everything around me is bursting with hope and everything I see is a reminder of his faithfulness in preserving me and his unfailing commitment to my life to make all things new. I see that he’s led me, guided me, refreshed me, restored me, caused me to rest, protected me, comforted me, and pursued me with unmeasurable goodness and blessing.

My cup runs over.

Hallelujah, he makes all things new. 


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