Primary Care Physicians and Moving Vehicle Accidents

“I’m calling on your promises. I’m laying this before you now. How it seems impossible, but nothing is too hard for you. Everything is on the line, I’m not giving up this time. For we have a hope that’s greater, still.

When everything is breaking around me you are greater than all I can see. My hope is firm in the invisible, I’m believing you for the impossible.” 

Five months ago I was sitting in the same chair, dozing off from muscle relaxers, surrounded by my sweet friends who came to my side to help me with anything I needed after my sweet friend Tara and I got in a car accident. 

Then, I knew that He, who works ALL THINGS for our GOOD, was using the accident to SLOW ME DOWN. That week of being forced to “lay low” and REST was so influential in the inner processing of my heart. I remember sweet revelation during restful quiet times as I was finally still enough to open my heart and sort through what was inside. 

I remember the LOVE of the Father…
I remember the DELIGHT he has in me and the sweet moment we shared over John 12.

This time I know that he’s still working all things for my good. Again, I sense him speaking “rest” with a gentleness through my current situation.

This time the days are longer as I sit in the same chair, dozing off and practicing what it means to REST.

I finally went to the doctor again this morning. After months of chiropractic treatment I’m still experiencing intense muscle spasms in my shoulders and neck that give way to debilitating headaches and nausea.

The muscle relaxers they had me on at first weren’t really doing the trick so they switched my prescription to one that is reserved for more severe musculoskeletal pain. It looks like for the most part, I still have healthy nerve function, aside from occasional tingling in my arms. Since I’m not experiencing any kind of numbness, I have a better chance of recovery without having to go see a spinal specialist. For now I’ll start physical therapy to help rehabilitate the tendons and torn muscles in my neck and then we’ll be able to reevaluate my condition. 

My friend Katie sent me the contact info for a Jesus-loving massage therapist in the area who recommended a practice of physical therapists for me. In our conversation over the phone she prayed for me and told me that I should look at this situation as a blessing in disguise. A lot of times the physical therapists find issues in your body that have been going on before the trauma of an accident (31 degree curvature of my upper spine, maybe?) and that this is a perfect situation to address those issues for the health and wholeness of my body. 

I’m thankful for full-coverage insurance and friends that have been so helpful in the last six months. 

I finally got a “Primary Care Physician” which means…I live here (I avoided getting a Primary Care Physician up until now because I didn’t intend on actually staying here in MN). 
He looks like a runner, doesn’t creep me out, said my watch looks cool, loves Chiropractors (which is rare) and he said I have a long neck.

Dr. Bob said that typically the recovery time for a MVA is 3-6 months so I’m right at the end of the expected recovery time. Its interesting to think of how we get used to pain and it just becomes our “normal”. We function at 50%, thinking that we’re fine, when we’re really so far away from 100%. We’ll see what happens going forward but I’m healthy and strong and with the proper therapy, I’m confident that I’ll be able to move past the trauma of this accident and finally feel 100%. 

Last week I ran 4.2 miles around downtown along the river. I was “running through” a headache from my neck and shoulders but at about mile 3 I started to get tingling, numbness and swelling in my right arm. I’m hoping THAT will go away with therapy. I can’t wait to feel back to “normal”! 

This concludes the update of my “post accident” body. 

I’m thankful for the protection and the provision of the God who made me and knows what I need. 


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