SNAPSHOT: cont’d

This video is SO sweet and was made by the Desiring God (Bethlehem Baptist) team here in Minneapolis. I cried through almost the whole thing. It’s such a precious testimony of learning to be and love like Jesus in relationship. Wow, what a vision!

“tremble, because it is their story and so personal. so delicate. so easily abused. so unfinished. glad, because Christ is exalted over all things.” -john piper

Also, I’ve had this song on repeat since 8:00 this morning. Paul McDonald ended up marrying Nikki Reed (the girl he’s singing with) and it’s such a sweet & smoky song for a summer afternoon.

(However, as much as I ADORE this song, I still don’t condone men wearing “fashionable” scarves.)


One comment

  1. i condone it. i LOVE men in scarves. you’ll have to like it when you move to cali. we gotta be all up on the trends here 😉

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