I’ve Always Loved Fridays

Found Rebecca Ferguson’s record this morning. Her voice is so smoky, mesmerizing, and transcends time and expectation in this overPOPulated culture (pun absolutely intended!). Her project reminds me of some of my favorite songs from Ayiesha Woods. 

Such a good record to blast this Friday morning! Go get it on iTunes for $7.99 – or you can download her free track “Nothing’s Real But Love” there. I’m loving “Run Free” and “Teach Me How to Be Loved” while I get ready for this evening’s wedding. 

Today I’m thankful for: 

  • Gracious people who know me and love me still 
  • Pedicure dates with my best friend Tara 
  • My sweet little house where I can blast my music as loud as I need & the birds who are always singing outside my windows…even at 2am.  
  • Best friends who make a safe place to share the worship songs I’m writing and the honest feedback that they provide 
  • New beginnings, new mornings and new mercy. I love restoration and how my merciful Father, the one who made me and wrote all of my days in a book, makes all things NEW. 
  • God filling me with JOY and PEACE as I TRUST in him so that by the power of the Holy Spirit (my friend and comforter) I will OVERFLOW with confident HOPE. 

It’s a good day to be alive & breathing! There’s so much more to be thankful for! 



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