ENFP & The Future: Careers, Glass Technology & Creativity

In the spirit of my recent obsession with personality tests, I couldn’t pass these up:

I feel like I have a lot of ISTJ friends…

Today on the way home from work I was thinking that my personality is most suited for a Human Resources type career that focuses on development through inspiring and nurturing individuals. That’s my favorite part of management with Starbucks – growing and learning with people is where I thrive. The business side of things (numbers, goal setting, achievement, etc.) is a natural opportunity for me and doesn’t come as easily as it might to an ISTJ.

Learning about my personality type and my strengths has been so helpful in my own development as a person and a business “owner”. Self-awareness is key to learning about the areas that you naturally excel and the areas that you need to focus in on and develop. In a way, educating myself in this has allowed me to cut my perfectionist/people-pleasing/performance-oriented self some slack. It’s helped me to realistically evaluate my performance (especially in the workplace) and understand why certain things come naturally while other things are so “outside my grid”.

I have so much to learn!

Some careers that people of my personality type enjoy are:

conference planner
speech pathologist
HR development trainer
career counselor
housing director
human resource manager
advertising account manager
speech pathologist
massage therapist
editor/art director

Also, this list of 32 Innovations That Will Change Your Tomorrow is incredible! Most of the things on that list will be readily available on the market within 2-5 years. I’m so amazed by how rapidly technology is advancing. I feel like I’ll soon be living in the world of Bicentennial Man. I remember when that was a far-off thought. Which reminds me, according to the New Years Eve broadcast of 2000, weren’t we supposed to have flying cars by 2015?

This is a fascinating video of the technological advancement of glass in the next 5-10 years. I bet the iPhone would’ve seemed like a dream to someone in the 70’s and now they’re in the hands of every other person you run into. I’m floored, impressed, and happy. I love seeing people engage in innovative, creative thinking. We are creative beings and every bit of our brilliance comes from our Dad.

I think I should buy stock in this company…


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