Father’s Heart: Learning to Love

I’ve been choking back happy-tears all day. Tears are my love language and I know it’s just a little gift of remembering that Holy Spirit is moving in my heart.

I almost lost it at the register this afternoon when, mid-order, a Mom was reunited with her little six year-old-dressed-as-Black-Spiderman-son. I don’t know the story of why she was apart from her son but I didn’t need to. I saw the emotion just emanate from her as she held him, barely able to speak. It was as if time stopped in that moment. The line of customers, the pending transaction, nothing seemed more important in that moment than this Mom’s overflowing heart for her son.

I walked away from that experience with my heart stirred and thinking that as much as I imagine how much I will love my kids or what kind of mother I will be, I actually have no idea of what it’s like to love someone so deeply. 



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