There is a River: Loving Well

Read such a beautiful article on marriage tonight. It’s speaks about marriage and what I know to actually be a kingdom concept: marriages, like every thing, is (and will continue to be) redeemed in the pattern of dying to live, giving to receive, and sowing to reap, all with the currency of LOVE.

That kind of marriage, that kind of image of active LOVE, is such a high calling. To die to yourself in all things, to constantly be learning as we’re falling short of loving unconditionally and well, are we really ever ready for that? It’s at this junction that I’m reminded that we can’t really experience the “joyful giving up” of love without drawing from the source of Life and Love. Even in all of my good intention and grand ambition, I can’t possibly muster up enough strength and resolve in myself to love well; to love selflessly, to love unconditionally with complete abandonment.

How precious is YOUR enduring, patient, faithful love. That love, knowing it’s fullness, is our place of safety. That perfect love is where I put my trust and rest. For I remember that I “relish and feast on the abundance of your house” and you cause me to drink of the streams of your pleasure. “You are the fountain of life; the light by which we see.”

I’m thankful for the abundant provision and resources of love that I can tap into because Jesus made the way for me to access it. Its only by the fountain that never runs dry that I can even dream of loving well.



One comment

  1. To love in marriage is to constantly be learning to love. SO TRUE! I’m so thankful that Jesus is the river we can tap into!

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