Healthy Chipotle Chicken Salad: Perfect Picnic

I grew up eating chicken salad on hot summer days for a picnic or a party. My mom has her own recipe that includes celery, grapes, mayonnaise, and elbow macaroni. It’s a traditional family dish but what I don’t like about her chicken salad (and most others) is the mayonnaise.

Good news is you can still have your chicken salad for your summer picnic! Just try my healthy version:

In a mixing bowl, combine (half of a) lime juice, a spoonful of chopped chipotle peppers in adobo sauce, sea salt, pepper, a handful of chopped green onions and a handful of chopped cilantro.

Chipotle peppers in adobo sauce usually come in a can and will most likely be found in the “Mexican” or “Ethnic” aisle of your grocery store. These smoked jalapenos can sometimes be really spicy, depending on what you’re used to so I recommend starting with a little bit and then adding more to your desired taste.

Next you’ll add an 8 oz. container of plain nonfat greek yogurt. It’s thick and creamy with lots of protein, no fat, and none of the nasty oils and additives of mayonnaise. Even “low fat” mayo is full of cellulose gel, starches, and other additives to simulate the consistency of real mayonnaise. Greek yogurt is a brilliant, creamy, healthy alternative to mayo!

Combine all of your ingredients together and start to fold in chopped chicken and chopped red bell pepper.

Now you can top your favorite crackers – I love those sweet potato “chips” by Food Should Taste Good – or add your chicken salad to a bed of chopped romaine. Whichever way you eat it, it’s a quick and healthy, delicious summer meal!



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