How I Got Saved Watching 24

He asked me to marry him…and then he left the country!

Eric has been in Northern Ireland leading a team of young people who are partnering with a local Presbyterian church. They’re sharing the reality of the love and truth of Jesus with the people there through children’s ministry (I wish I was there for that!!), youth programs (that too!), and adult bible studies (okay, and that too).

I love that they got to go and encourage the believers over there and preach the truth that FREEDOM REALLY IS FREE to a predominantly religious culture that still is under the incorrect assumption that you need to EARN God’s grace in your life.

Isn’t that the good news? Isn’t that grace? The freedom that I now live in (for…FOREVER) is completely undeserved, unearned, unexpected, and unable to be purchased at a later date. It’s free. Free for me because it ALREADY was purchased. That man gave his life so I didn’t get what was coming to me.

I didn’t have to do anything, say anything, be anything.

It. Just. Was.


It’s for freedom that he set us free and I am free, indeed. Free to live life, here on earth & in heaven, abundantly.

That sounds like I hit the eternal jackpot, now that I think of it…


I’ve been wasting a lot of time watching 24 lately (Eric got me hooked right before he left). I mostly watch it while I’m doing cardio at the gym or when I’m down and out with a headache. The show is brilliant and engaging and…addictive…

Not kidding. The other day I saw a black suburban and my first thought was “Oh, Jack Bauer’s here!”…then I realized I was in real life. Did I mention how I’ve been convicted about wasting time?

Anyways, the point is, when you’re spending so much time engaged with something, it starts to shape your perspective.


Lately, I’m beholding a lot of Jack Bauer…

And as I was writing all this about God’s grace I caught myself sifting analogies through the 24-filter. I thought about the value of JUSTICE being all over the story line. I was thinking of the ramifications CTU (and the nation) would face if they were to just let a guilty man go free, no questions asked.

A guilty man? A terrorist, a murderer, a traitor – does it even matter? He’s guilty.
Oh, and he gets to walk.





I’ve screwed up, messed up, failed to show up & while I could be accused and tried for all of the mistakes I’ve made throughout my little life, I’m offered a signed document from the President guaranteeing me immunity. Thanks, Jack.

(Sorry I couldn’t resist) But seriously. I AM FREE.

I was changed the moment I realized that there was someone who paid my debts FOR ME.


This might be the only fruitful piece I’ve gotten out of my new 24 time. It’s ridiculous but it really helps to materialize everything and put things into perspective in a relevant way that makes sense to my now turned-t0-mush brain.


In other, less dramatic, news: Eric’s flight got delayed until 7:00 am and I’m SOOOOO EXCITED for him to come home that I can’t sleep!




One comment

  1. I stumbled upon this through my old facebook and reading the last few passages about your love story and God’s amazingness and redemption brought me to tears. I actually went to Northern Ireland the first year Bethlehem went and it was one of the best times of my life and spiritually can hardly be described…I’ll never forget it. I’m so happy for you and though I haven’t seen you in years probably, the reminders of God’s love through your writing are very encouraging and just the joy from reading about God’s hand in another’s life was a pleasant pick me up today…keep it up! You probably encourage many more people than you know!

    All the best 🙂
    Ana Fatturi

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