I Am the Luckiest

Absence really does make the heart grow fonder.
It makes it go crazy too.

I’m so thankful for the gift I have in Eric. I’m thankful that he’s different than me, that he’s reason & logic (at it’s best!), and that he makes me laugh so hard – even on the worst days.

I was cleaning up the “engagement aftermath” last night — popping all of the balloons, tearing all of the sweet cards off of their strings.

I started to tape each card into my journal and I was just overwhelmed (all over again!).

My relationship with Eric was a surprise. It came on the tail-end of one of the hardest seasons of my life (so far), when I felt like a beautiful mess. The more I looked at those cards, the more I re-read previous writings in that journal, the more I realized how much our relationship embodies GRACE.

This man came along and it changed everything. He was completely unexpected but he loved me, he covered me and underneath everything, I changed, I healed, I grew.

His presence in my life is just a glimpse of the grace of God; totally undeserved, totally unexpected, & totally needed.

I spent all yesterday cleaning & organizing, thinking of us blending our lives together. I’m imagining actually having a TV (& cable!) in my house.  I’m imagining a little house full of our sweetest friends for weekly worship nights/bible study. I’m imagining cooking together & reading together. I’m imagining getting ready for church on Sunday mornings & me having quality time, late at night, at the keyboard while he studies.

I am EXCITED!! There’s a lot of adjusting ahead but I can’t wait to LIVE OUT the most important relationship on Earth. I can’t wait to OUT LOVE him and be a better lover of Jesus because of the way that I was tested and grew in our journey together.


What I’m writing sounds like a dream come true!
Maybe I’ll just marry this man tomorrow…




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