All Sons & Daughters

I love worship MUSIC. I put an emphasis on the word “music” because while I used to just call it “worship” when referring to the songs (& dance, maybe) of praise to God, my husband is very adamant about clarifying that the preaching and teaching of the Word is still worship.

He’s right though. The preaching and teaching of the living Word awakens your heart with hope in a way that no eloquently written or emotionally engaging song ever could. Except maybe “Holy, holy, holy…worthy is the Lamb that was slain”…oh wait, that is the Word…

But really, maybe it’s the way the Lord made me, maybe it’s the culmination of my experiences with worshipping the One who made me and gave me HOPE but I can name very few things on this earth that I love to do more than worship through song.

I just spent the last hour at the keyboard after a ten hour (long and happy) work day and now I have All Sons & Daughters on (almost deafening) repeat as I clean OUR house (still learning the “we” talk).

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: buy any or all tracks from All Sons & Daughters and let the sound, themed by grace, fill your home. David Leonard, formerly from Needtobreathe, has an incredibly captivating worship project with tight harmonies and gospel-focused lyrics that remind you of a new generation of Shane & Shane. It has an independent alternative twist that is musically brilliant and similar to Gungor (formerly known as The Michael Gungor Band who used to lead worship for us when we lived at the internship in Texas – good ol’ times).

I’m loving the tracks “Spirit Speaks”, “Alive”, “All the Poor and Powerless”, just to name a few.

These sweet songs of restoration and freedom in Christ are filling our home as I knock out that giant to-do list, waiting for my husband to get home from work.


Hallelujah, He is GOOD.



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