The Beginning: Playing in the Kitchen with a Plan

I’m trying to adjust to a new routine. Living with another is already a big adjustment but finding your routine as a couple when you work opposite schedules has been a little bit more of a challenge. I’m naturally a night owl but for the last five years I’ve had to adjust to early mornings: the Starbucks way! Eric is working for Best Buy at their corporate office (right down the street from my store) but he usually starts work around the time that I’m about to head home. 

I think we’re doing a good job managing our schedules as best we can and I’m trying to look on the bright side of this brilliantly ordained season and find reasons to be thankful and see that it’s FOR OUR GOOD. 

Nights like these leave me feeling thankful! I’m cuddled up underneath the quilt my Mom made us for our wedding, wearing the Dwight Howard T-shirt Eric got me as a “just because” present (he says I’m Dwight Howard – defensive player of the year – because I was so guarded when we first were dating) and I’m looking up websites and blogs about meal planning. 

We LOVE grocery shopping! After a couple weeks of having a brilliant idea for dinner, running to get the ingredients, making dinner and oh, two hours and $30-something dollars later (usually at 9:00 at night) we eat! 

Part of finding my routine, part of being a good steward of our resources, living “lean” and saving money involves me learning how to…MEAL PLAN. 

No more exciting, impulsive, elaborate dinners! Maybe we’ll save those for Sundays…

I love to cook and play around the kitchen. I’m determined to learn how to be resourceful, with a plan, while I have fun “inventing” healthy recipes around here! 

I found a great document on Real Simple’s website that helps you to meal plan AND write your grocery list all in one step. It’s really…simple! Also, Rachael Ray has a whole slew of week day dinners that will cut your grocery budget and meal time in half. 

Epicurious has a great app that I just downloaded that allows you to enter the ingredients that you have on-hand and it finds you recipes for what’s already in your kitchen! I’m going to use that app for a while so I can weed through all of the frozen meat and vegetables in our freezer. I’m thinking that if I learn how to do this correctly, I won’t have to make a “real” grocery trip for the next month.  

We’ll see how this goes…



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