Home Life


The house is coming together which is a good feeling. Things are finding their place, we’re cleaning, organizing and getting into a routine.

I ditched the Laura Ashley shower curtain and bedding. I think I’ll save it for my (God-willing, someday) guest room. I replaced my bright green plastic bins with baskets: one for hair products, one for washcloths. We don’t have a lot of space in our little house so I have to be efficient with everything I have.

I’ve been eyeing this yellow ombre shower curtain for a while. It’s floral like the last one but it’s a more contemporary floral pattern and it’s yellow which, as an official Laker’s color, passes in this house. Does this count as compromise?

Loving this new app called Afterglow. The picture quality is so much better than Instagram and they have so many filter options –  it makes it fun to play around with the pictures you take.

The sweet girl who made our wedding day so beautiful sent me some of the decorations from the reception. These were the Mr & Mrs banners hanging from our table that night. Now I have them hanging from my favorite bible verses that I framed in our bedroom.

At our wedding our friends wrote blessings and well-wishes on little strips of brown paper that they turned into a paper link garland. Now we’re hanging them above our (no more Laura Ashley) bed.

I’m thankful for a husband who makes the bed (beautifully) every morning, just because he knows it blesses me. 



  1. such a cute little home. I’m so happy for you. watching you grow into such a beautiful woman has been such a blessing for me. LOVE YOU!

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