I Left My Heart…



I have so much to be thankful for.

Afternoons with my sister-cousin for a long lunch in Brea by the outdoor fireplace was good for my heart in the midst of such a busy season. 

Actually, I had a few long lunches out in LA…
So thankful for the time to sit back, relax, and wander down the two-way street of pouring your heart out and encouraging each other.

Sunday, I had the privilege of listening to my husband preach! My heart was full and especially thankful as he practiced his sermon that morning, preaching to me as I put on my make up.

He appropriately spoke on suffering well, a sermon he had delivered months earlier, but this time it was coming from a raw and vulnerable place in his heart. All week he had been challenged to live out what he had learned and even taught from the Word.

It was such a precious time for me to sit in the church that he grew up. I met the lady who shared the Gospel with him when he was little and so many other people who had impacted his life. I’m so thankful to all of the wonderful people who played a part in the man that he is today. I wonder if any of them knew that the “trouble maker” kid would be back twenty years later to give a message…


Even though the reason for the trip out to LA was under such sad circumstances, I was blessed enough to experience the Tibayan gift exchange. The bed upstairs was completely covered with presents being wrapped while we listened to Christmas music and waited for everyone to arrive. The house was flooded with people from all over as everyone was shouting and laughing, competitively selecting and exchanging gifts. The little kids would come over us to give us a hug and thank us for their gifts and it felt like our hearts just might burst, knowing that in a few hours we’d be on a plane, leaving everyone.

Those people (especially the little people) make it so hard to leave that place…especially when it means coming back to this:



After our red-eye flight back to MN we were greeted with 15″ of snow. Thankfully one of our friends had shoveled our driveway before we got home but after the plow went through we literally had to shovel ourselves IN to the driveway. Going from 70 degrees to 3 degrees in a matter of hours makes your lungs feel like they just might freeze inside your body.

We’re still unpacking, working like crazy and not ready for Christmas. What a busy couple of months it’s been!

We have so much to be thankful for, even if it means leaving our hearts across the country for now.



  1. I can totally see you as a california girl. I love watching your beautiful story unfold. you’re a blessing.

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