Christmas 2012

Christmas didn’t really feel like “Christmas” this year.

We celebrated the gift of Jesus humbling himself, coming to earth as a real baby, living a real life and dying so that we could truly live.

For some people, the greatest joy they’ll ever know will be what they experience here on Earth in this life.

This is it.
This is as good as it gets…

For those of us who hope in what we haven’t (yet) seen our joy we experience is just a glimpse of what’s to come.
The best day, the happiest moment, the greatest joy you’ll ever experience here on Earth in this life is just the beginning.

We were mindful of that this Christmas.
In the tension of joy and grief through suffering, the eternal perspective was the glimmer of hope in the dark season. It wasn’t unlike the star, in a giant, dark galaxy, shining over a manger holding newly birthed hope.

As far as the traditional Christmas celebrations go, everything seemed to just be off. It could’ve been because it was our first Christmas (Eric’s first Christmas away from home and without Danika) or it could’ve been because it was my first “Holiday” managing a store (and consequently not decorating my home) but I think it was mostly a combination of returning from California and realizing, in a storm of our retail jobs, that Christmas was just around the corner.

I did almost all of my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve and came home to make (my tradition) Christmas Eve Fettuccine.



We opened presents in the morning and spent the day at my parents’ house with my best friend, Tara.

It was quite the season this year. Very eventful but in all things we’ve seen God’s grace on our lives and the way he’s growing us.




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