THE BIG MOVE: Minneapolis to LA

I’m looking forward to things slowing down (I’m in denial…) and getting into a routine but I’m thinking that routine might be short-lived because in less than two months (Lord willing) we’re moving to California!


It was the day of this snowstorm that I put in the official transfer request with Starbucks to relocate to LA area.

Almost one year ago we were on a plane, falling in love and on our way to LA to “meet the family” and see if I could picture myself someday as Mrs. Eric Tibayan and living in California.

The day before I left I was offered my first Starbucks store.

This was something I had worked 5 years for and had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. Now it was happening and the timing seemed so unusual and inconvenient.

We returned from LA, I started at my new store and built relationship with my partners, my customers and my leadership team. I learned so much as a store manager and as a partner in the last year.

I’m so thankful for the gracious and patient leadership of my district manager and for the support and friendships I built with the amazing partners I “inherited”.

It’s the kind of store that makes leaving so difficult to do.

The year was a process of my husband patiently waiting and my heart adjusting to the fact that my days in Minnesota were numbered. Each trip out to LA made it harder and harder to return to Minneapolis and right before Christmas, with a whole new year on the horizon, we made the decision.

In March, after almost 6 years, Eric will finally be moving back to California!

I’m looking forward to serving at his brother’s church, spending more time with our friends & family, watching our nieces & nephews grow up (next one due in March!) and seeing my husband thrive in his element.

I’m also glad that the “when are we moving to California” conversation is now over, that we won’t have to use vacation days and a cross-country trip to see family, that this was my last Minnesota summer (worse than the winters) and that I’ll be on the same side of the country as my childhood best friend.

Right now we’re waiting to hear back from Starbucks (sometime this week) on a possible store opening in our top three locations and Eric is working on either staying with Bestbuy in a current or different role or finding a different job to support our family.

Please pray for us that our hearts would be at peace, trusting God for his provision in engineering all of our circumstances for this big transition. 

(Any tips on cross-country moves, relocation, etc. is absolutely most welcomed!)




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