The First of Many Lasts – Dealing with Change


This was the picture that I was imagining as we stood in my kitchen tonight for the last time, praying for Tara and saying our goodbyes.

Tomorrow morning my best friend moves across the country.

In the midst of the sentimental nostalgia rushing over me as memories flashed like a video in my minds eye during our goodbye, there was a sense of peace knowing that this was a necessary, good thing. The best thing I could liken it to would be growing pains.

You know it’s good, you know it’s necessary and if you’re short like me then there’s an element of excitement but still…ouch.

It seems surreal to try and wrap my head around the fact that this might be the last time we ever live in the same city, that the days of lunch dates, girls night and our other adventures have come to an end.

This season is so bittersweet.

Tonight was the last night I’d have Tara in my kitchen- a place that holds so many of our memories from the last couple of years. It got me thinking that this was just the first of many lasts that are happening in this season as we prepare to make our own move.

Changes, shifting of seasons and times are inevitable. They’re not just something we anticipate but they’re necessary, they’re good and they create an opportunity for us to trust in the Lord and develop our strength of character.

As I say goodbye to my best friend, my family and the city I’ve called “home” for the last 5 years, with all of the details of our move and the months ahead still up in the air, my prayer is that my heart would be quick and willing to TRUST in God’s brilliant plan.

That’s the good news, the silver lining we see in change: that the God of all HOPE fills us with joy and peace as we TRUST in Him, so that WE can overflow with hope too. I can trust that in every change, in every bittersweet season, He is working it ALL together for my good. 


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