The Cutest Things: Little League & Little People

By now I’ve figured out that living in California has it’s perks. One of those perks are that we get to go to LA to watch our nephew’s basketball games. We spent Saturday hanging out with the family and cheering him on. Seriously, little league sports are one of the cutest things! Rock was the second tallest out on the court and very agressive – I’m hoping he’ll grow up and go pro, otherwise we’ll have to adopt a future-NBA player.

I decided to take my camera along to play with the kids. The girls love having their pictures taken and they’re so adorable when the camera is out – striking up poses and asking to see themselves. They know they’re cute!

The lighting was this awful old-gym halogen glare. It makes everything under it a funky color and difficult to photograph (so be a little forgiving here!) but it was fun to experiment and kept the girls occupied.


Story is sassy! She’s the baby in the family (for the next two weeks or less) with the highest-pitched voice you’ve ever heard. She’s bubbling over with so much personality and cocks her head to the side with her whole body when she poses for photos.


Rock is so sensitive and the level of compassion and leadership he already carries in dealing with his younger sisters is incredible. He’s been raised to value and protect the girls in his role as a (little) man in the family. I tear up when I think about Frances, his mom, giving a speech on our wedding weekend about how she got to watch my husband, Eric, fall in love with this little boy. The connection they share is so precious.


Key is the sweetest. She’s the oldest girl in a family with four kids (so far). She is so girly and is coming up with some of the most amazing fashion combinations lately! The other day she wore a polka dot skirt with floral tights and a LA Dodgers hat over her braids – perfect!


I’m so thankful that we get to live here and see these little kids (and all of the ones on the way!) grow up into beautiful people.


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