Beautiful Hour

It’s only March but we’re already having to buy blackout window treatments to keep our room cool when the afternoon sun shines in. This also means that I got to practice with the beautiful southern California light.

This is Faye. Today I taught her how to detail her car and find hidden car wash deals in “little Tijuana”. It sounds like I’m really knowledgable about the area but it’s actually just because I got lost trying to find a gas station today. It paid off when I found a $5.95 hand wash!


When this girl laughs she laughs with her whole body. I was thanking God this afternoon for how easily our friendship has progressed. She is such a gift to my life with her genuine encouragement, involvement, and vulnerable, challenging conversations.

Today I learned how quickly the light changes during this time of day! Actually lots of lessons learned this afternoon as I was experimenting with different lenses and lighting.

This next photo was taken when I switched to a 50mm. I love the lens flare and how dramatic it looks with the lowest aperture (experimenting) but I had some exposure issues with all of this light coming through. Still, it’s hard to make someone this beautiful look unfortunate.
I’m thankful for beautiful people and beautiful places, it makes practicing that much more fun!


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