A Night at The Saguaro

I had one of the best birthdays this year! Eric’s parents were generous enough to let us use their time share in Palm Springs for my birthday week! More on that later.

On the night of my birthday we all left to check out what I liked to call “The Color Hotel” before we hit the Palm Springs (tiny) strip for dinner.

The Saguaro is the most colorful hotel I’ve ever seen in my life! It was renovated in 2011 with 14 different hues naturally found in the desert. The bold color and modern design make this a perfect getaway in the middle of the desert.




We just shot around the outside of the hotel and walked around the lobby with our jaws gaping wide. The furnishings, lighting fixtures, architecture and design of the lobby alone were a great first impression! I didn’t even have a chance to get to the inside like this girl!

All of the rooms are designed with each color as it’s theme. I’m already having a mini-decision-crisis dreaming up the color of the room I want to stay in. Lively hot pink or calming ocean blue? I think I have time…



This was such a beautiful place to be and a perfect place to practice with exposure, color, white balance and post-processing. Now I’m putting “a night at The Saguaro” on my bucket list.


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