Still, He Waters My Soul

I love that in LA you can drive two hours north to the mountains and these glorious hills covered in bright wildflowers and green grass or you can drive southeast to the desert where the hills are decorated by millions of uniquely cut rocks and boulders.

In the desert, the heartiest of wildflowers and trees grow up from beneath the dry soil as if to offer just a glimpse of hope and beauty.






Sometimes so much of life is like this where hope springs up from solid ground. In the middle of the desert, still we say “The Lord has done great things!”.

As streams renew the desert, as life rises from the most unexpected places, so He restores our soul.


He is the rain and I am the desert
He is the hand that holds my seeds together
He is the breath and I am the dry bones
Oh, He makes me come alive
I’m coming alive

(Sarah McMillan)



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