Turnaround Road Trip: Santa Barbara









From LA to Palm Springs to Santa Barbara, I’m making my rounds in Southern California! Last week Ruby and I decided to take a last minute road trip up past Santa Barbara to pick up a bench for my orchard in her backyard. Yes, my orchard! When we were in the process of moving from Minneapolis to LA we didn’t have any of the details worked out. At the same time her sweet husband, Ben, was tearing apart their backyard to build this extensive orchard. I always said that if worse comes to worst we would always just move to the orchard and live off the land – thus, becoming my orchard.

Really, I think I got the great end of this deal! They spend their Saturdays toiling in the hot sun digging trenches for proper soil moisture and I have a fool-proof way of feeding my growing family in the event of a major economic collapse. Oh and did I mention the super cute bench? 😉

We left at 5 am, beat the traffic, drove up the coast, had brunch at the cutest little cafe and continued on through the mountains and canyons north of Santa Barbara. It was glorious day to explore outside of the city – I had no idea how bright the wildflowers were that covered whole mountainsides!

It really was such a blessing to spend the day together talking about our lives and spurring each other on to love our husbands better. Ruby grew up with my husband so in a lot of ways she knows him better than me so it was good to get her perspective on a lot things. It was also a perfect getaway for me to externally process some big decisions that needed to be made regarding work, baby and ministry.

Since that trip it feels like life hasn’t slowed down one bit so I’m thankful for the time we had to just rest and enjoy the view!


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