Venice Canals Engagement: Renee + VJ


Last week I had the privilege of second shooting the sweetest couple with Allure Studios. We spent the day exploring the Venice Canals and all of the beautiful architecture and landscape it holds. Renee and VJ are so adorable! From the first moment I met them, I loved how genuine they were. It felt like we were just hanging out with friends as we spent the day talking and laughing – a perfect Sunday afternoon.



This gorgeous couple ties the knot in September.






I love the way Renee’s nose would crinkle when she burst out laughing! Her whole face would just light up with her expression.



This shoot was not only just a great time working up an appetite for sharing our lives over Mexican food after our adventure but it was a great development opportunity. I learned lots of valuable lessons¬†about composition (or lack thereof) like not cutting off a great pair of stilettos from the photo or cropping out the groom-to-be’s hard-earned bicep (above)! Oops!



Still, I was able to walk away from the experience with a whole list of things that I learned, things I enjoyed and things I’d do differently. I’m thankful that Art from Allure Studios, a family friend of ours, was so gracious to bring me along and give me feedback and direction on the fly.

Here’s to lessons learned and progress!


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