baby boy

Baby Prep: Newborn Hats & Mittens

Several years ago, when I moved to Minnesota, I found a keyboard and that took me on a journey of learning piano chords, songwriting and leading worship.
When I moved to California I found a sewing machine!

With the baby on the way and everything changing, I’m trying to be a good steward of the time that I have. I’m getting the opportunity to do things that I only dreamed of during my busy Starbucks life. I finally have the time & schedule availability to join a small group, to meet with other women in the church, to meal plan on a budget (first time I’ve ever had to do that!), to exercise at the start of my day, to support my husband by taking care of all the different odds & ends, work on video & photo projects and…to craft! 

I’ve had so many little ideas here and there throughout the years (and a growing “DIY” Pinterest board) but I didn’t have the time or energy to actually do it myself. Now it feels like I’m “living the dream” as I wait for our baby, work on different projects and adjust to this new life.

I’m not a fan of baby things. When my Mom was asking me about what kind of fabrics I wanted her to use for the baby quilt she’s making, my only rule was “no baby blue”. I’ve never really liked the baby prints or the powder blue (or pink!) color that’s used for blankets, outfits, fabrics…it’s everywhere! When we were registering just last week I was kind of wincing at every other thing my husband pointed out for that reason. Finally he said, “you know we’re having a baby right?”.

So I’m very aware of how ridiculous it might seem that I’m so picky but it’s really just a preference issue that I need to get over since this baby has a whole gang of family members that will be dressing him up and handing down clothes. BUT if you can save money by making your own designs that are more along the style that you prefer, then go for it!





These little hats and mittens were made out of old knit shirts that I had. I figured since I wouldn’t be wearing an XS for the next several months I might as well save the money on buying fabric and put it to good use! I made up my own pattern for both of these after spending lots of time researching different construction methods on Pinterest and combining all that I learned.

Some of the best tutorials I found were here and here. Just find what method works for you, what size you need and then make your own pattern from there. I drew all of my pieces out on wax paper and saved them with my fabrics for future hats. These are so easy (& inexpensive) to make and perfect for little shower gifts for all the little newborns on their way!



Gender Reveal



FINALLY we’ve “officially” announced (because Facebook is the only thing that makes things official anymore, right?) the baby’s gender!

My husband had big plans to have Ruby put together a “Gender Reveal” party! We were going to have the ultrasound tech write the sex on a piece of paper, hide it in an envelope, give it to Ruby for her eyes only & then she’d make a proper color cake. We’d have all of our family over and then Louie would video the party and our reactions for my family in Minnesota. Sounds so cute, right?

So we go into a 4D imaging place that was just right up the street at about 18 weeks. I still hadn’t found a doctor at this point because of how recently we moved and since I wasn’t feeling the baby kick (yet!) we decided to pay the $45 to see the little person.

I was SO nervous! I honestly had visions of us getting into the room and finding out that the baby didn’t have a heartbeat but my body hadn’t reacted yet so I didn’t know that I miscarried and then the tech, who normally has a really exciting job showing parents their unborn babies, would then have to break the news to me. I’d like to blame my dramatic hypothetical scenarios on the pregnancy hormones but I think it goes deeper than that! Oh, I also thought we’d get in there and see TWO babies!

Anyways, we have the ultrasound, everything looks great. I’m surprised to see only one baby but relieved that it’s actually alive & well! The tech goes along with our plan, hiding the DVD and revealing pictures in the envelope, all the while exchanging knowing glances with her co-workers.


I just couldn’t wait! I begged and begged to open the envelope. Eric ended up hiding the envelope from me since I couldn’t be trusted to wait until it got to Ruby. It didn’t take me long to find the envelope and do some more begging. Finally, at the end of the night, we sat up in our room and watched the DVD with our hands over our mouths, nervously waiting for the big…wait, it’s a WHAT?!

I don’t know if my eyes have ever gotten so big! I forgot to mention that while I was convinced of all of these crazy hypothetical situations, I was also convinced that we were having a GIRL! I was so convinced that it felt like we were looking at the wrong DVD. It’s not supposed to say “I’m a BOY!”, is it?

Eric was over the moon since he was holding out for a baby boy named Thor but mostly because I had been so arrogantly confident that it was a girl and was now put in my humbled place.

It took a few weeks for me to readjust my thinking to baby boy mode but now I’m fully aware with the color schemes of fabric filling up my burlap baskets & our constant conversations of indecision around names.

So no gender reveal party, thanks to my impulsiveness & lack of patience but thank God for the gift of a growing and healthy baby boy!