I have so many things that I could say about our wedding day. There are so many sweet pictures filled with thousands of memories. I contemplated taking the time to post every bit, containing every detail, but we’re still settling into the house, finding our new routine, and I have a giant to-do-list because of it.

The best way to capture just a glimpse of our day is this beautiful video done by Eric’s best friend Louie. The first video I ever watched of his was what caused my heart to change from my stubborn resolve to elope and trust the Lord to provide for every inch of a wedding’s details.

When I think back to our wedding day, what sticks out the most to me is the faithfulness of God – how he gives exceedingly, abundantly, more than anything I could ever ask, hope or think of. I saw the love of God being lived out through the selfless JOY of serving by our family and friends. I caught, just a glimpse, of what the body of Christ looks like when it joins together with a common goal to live out love. To them it may have seemed “normal” but to so many others, their willingness to serve, to love, to band together and bless us, no matter the cost, was a testimony to the transforming, redemptive work of Jesus in their lives.

It’s a work that I am so thankful for.

Words will never be able to convey how incredibly thankful I am to the people who loved me as their own because I was loved by Yek. I have been “adopted” into a family of believers who love without merit and it has blessed my life more than they’ll ever know.


And with that, here is our wedding film: