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Baby Prep: Baby Quilts & Sewing Projects


My Mom is an amazing quilter. She made me this (my favorite!) shabby chic quilt that was originally for my living room but I love it so much that I lay it out across our all white bedding now. It’s also my way of clinging to just something shabby chic since it was all kicked out of the bedroom as soon as I got married!

With all of these craft projects for baby running through my mind and my Mom across the country in Minnesota, I’m thankful for all the years that I grew up around a sewing machine. I used to help my mom design patterns for quilts (she can sew but she can’t draw a stick figure to save her life) and finished my first quilt in high school. While I worked on a bunch of little projects throughout the years that was my first and last quilt…until now!

I ambitiously (too ambitiously) thought I’d try my hand at quilting again and start with a chevron design made out of tiny squares.
Easy right?
This tiny play-mat-sized quilt took me over 16 hours. I underestimated the need to measure and cut the squares accurately. I should’ve pressed the seams better. I should’ve made the squares bigger. I broke 4 needles in the process. I should’ve sewn with a polyester blend thread. Oh, and I finished the quilt once, ripped it apart the next morning and then finished it again.
Yeah, easy.

But in the end, I look back on it as a labor of love where a lot of lessons were learned.

My second quilt I ever made was for my baby boy.


I used fabric from Ikea that was on sale for $0.99! It’s normally $7.99/yard but they must’ve had a bunch of it so it was discounted like crazy. I went back a few weeks later and they still have it. We bought several yards to be used as cheap tablecloths and they’re perfect! If I would’ve made the squares bigger you would be able to see more of the script print but this way is…unique!

I had to stop at “play-mat-sized” because I couldn’t handle 16 more hours of more squares and obsessing over fixing (or not fixing) my mistakes. Turns out it’ll be the perfect little quilt for “tummy time” once the baby gets here!


After the headache-quilt I couldn’t let that be the way I packed up my sewing machine so I thought I’d try and redeem the experience with something a little easier: the baby’s crib quilt!

I wanted something white (easily bleach-able), something timeless and something snuggly so I decided to piece together different sized strips of textured white cotton fabric. This type of quilt would be so fun to make for a baby girl! I found all different kinds of crocheted lace and little eyelet flowers decorating plain white fabric. It was a little more challenging to find something not so frilly for a boy. I thought I could always use strips of bleached muslin if I ran out of options but I found enough for the size I was going for.

I made thin strips and fat strips out of each fabric and then lined them up, alternating in a way to get the look I wanted. This time I paid special attention to the length and width of my strips as I cut and measured the fabric. I also made sure to press my seams properly which saved me a lot of work later. I figured out with this quilt that if you pay special attention to the details at the beginning it makes finishing the quilt that much (so much!) easier.


If you can sew a straight line then you can make this quilt in just a couple of hours. I finished it off with a super soft ribbed minky fabric which was pretty pricey at $14.99/yard (thank God for Jo-Ann’s coupons) but worth every penny. The quilt is so soft and cuddly – perfect for a little baby’s crib!


I can’t wait until our baby gets here to be wrapped up in this! My husband still has his quilt from when he was a baby and it makes me so excited to think that I made our baby something that he can hopefully give to his baby someday (mildly freaking out at that thought, actually…weird). My sewing experience has been redeemed! 

Many more projects up my sleeve for the near future! I’ve been taking a crafting break to focus on finishing a video project but as soon as that’s done it’s game on: nesting in full swing!