Worship Music Collection Refresh: Vol. 2

I thought I’d share some of the albums/songs that have been playing on repeat lately in the background of this new season.

If it’s time for you to refresh your worship music collection then I’d highly recommend these additions in your music library!

All Sons & Daughters – I’m not usually a fan of live albums but I love the intimate feeling that they’re able to cultivate and convey in these songs. It almost feels like you were a part of the live studio recording, surrounded by sweet friends, singing your heart out. This is the perfect collection of worship songs to fill your candle-lit room with late at night as you’re winding down. There’s something about the sound on these recordings that makes you FEEL the songs of praise filling the room, it’s truly beautiful.

Matt Redman – We love to sing “10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord)” around our house but the other day I had my Sovereign Grace station playing on Pandora and found his song titled “Never Once” and I can’t get enough!  Maybe it’s the lyrics that seem to hit me so deeply:

“Scars and struggles on the way but with joy our hearts can say, “Never once did we ever walk alone. Never once did you leave us on our own. You are faithful, God, you are faithful.”” 

That’s been my prayer so much lately, before I even heard this song, just praising God that He never left us to fend for ourselves. Over all these years and all these trials (that He worked for our good) He’s never left us; He’s always protected, provided and sustained us.

“Carried by your constant grace, held within your perfect peace: never once, no we never walk alone.” 

Meredith Andrews – Following in that theme of God’s faithfulness is this song: “Not for a Moment”. It sounds like the typical contemporary worship song (reminding me of Laura Story or Hillsong) but the lyrics are so true and good to remind your heart of:

“After all, You are constant. After all, You are only good. After all, You are Sovereign. Not for a moment will you forsake me.”

Rend Collective Experiment – I first saw Rend Collective Experiment during a worship night at a local Christian college in Minneapolis. They were the worship band opening up for Frances Chan and their energy and joy was infectious! I later purchased their first album, “Homemade Worship by Handmade People”, and it was the perfect little summer worship collection to dance around my house to (someone should put them on tour with Benjamin Dunn). I kind of forgot about them until my husband showed me this video from when they were on tour with Lecrae:

Then I stumbled upon this gem that they put out at the beginning of the year: Campfire. It’s basically the sounds of a friends praising Jesus around a beachside campfire. How perfect! Itunes introduces this album by saying that the new material is infused “with a foot-stomping energy that brings to mind the likes of Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers.”

Another great summer album but this time with more of an alternative, organic vibe. I love that Rend Collective writes Gospel-centered lyrics that keep you mindful of WHY we are free to experience such wholeness & joy.

What worship songs have you had on repeat lately?


Worship Music Collection: Refresh

I have a tendency to find worship albums or songs that I just LOVE and wear them out.

You know what I’m talking about, the songs that you seem to stumble upon at just the right season in your life that the Lord uses to speak to you. You know, the songs that help you make sense of or articulate all the beauty or the mess inside of your heart. Those songs – the worn out collection – go from overplayed to shelved for another season when nostalgia sweeps over you and you are reminded of what the Lord has done.

I’m refreshing my worship collection with some incredible albums that I’m keeping on repeat lately:

Will Reagan & United Pursuit – Endless Years: “Set a Fire”, “Give Me a Song” — the whole album is amazing, actually.

Hunter Thompson – Gabriel Kansas

Hillsong United – Zion: “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)”

Bethel Music – Without Words

I’ve needed this. Just time to sit, rest and let the Lord engage my heart. These moments are precious and life-giving but too often take the back seat to our to-do lists, schedules, and the cares of this life that capture our attention.

You’re worthy of all of my confidence; all my affection and attention belongs to you. 





What worship songs do you have on repeat these days?

All Sons & Daughters

I love worship MUSIC. I put an emphasis on the word “music” because while I used to just call it “worship” when referring to the songs (& dance, maybe) of praise to God, my husband is very adamant about clarifying that the preaching and teaching of the Word is still worship.

He’s right though. The preaching and teaching of the living Word awakens your heart with hope in a way that no eloquently written or emotionally engaging song ever could. Except maybe “Holy, holy, holy…worthy is the Lamb that was slain”…oh wait, that is the Word…

But really, maybe it’s the way the Lord made me, maybe it’s the culmination of my experiences with worshipping the One who made me and gave me HOPE but I can name very few things on this earth that I love to do more than worship through song.

I just spent the last hour at the keyboard after a ten hour (long and happy) work day and now I have All Sons & Daughters on (almost deafening) repeat as I clean OUR house (still learning the “we” talk).

DO YOURSELF A FAVOR: buy any or all tracks from All Sons & Daughters and let the sound, themed by grace, fill your home. David Leonard, formerly from Needtobreathe, has an incredibly captivating worship project with tight harmonies and gospel-focused lyrics that remind you of a new generation of Shane & Shane. It has an independent alternative twist that is musically brilliant and similar to Gungor (formerly known as The Michael Gungor Band who used to lead worship for us when we lived at the internship in Texas – good ol’ times).

I’m loving the tracks “Spirit Speaks”, “Alive”, “All the Poor and Powerless”, just to name a few.

These sweet songs of restoration and freedom in Christ are filling our home as I knock out that giant to-do list, waiting for my husband to get home from work.


Hallelujah, He is GOOD.