Kale Salad

There’s this cute little gourmet cheese shop just a mile from my house. They have the best selection of cheese in the twin cities, artisan sandwiches, gourmet entrees of the day for dinner to-go and an extensive selection of healthy salads and sides in their deli. It feels like you walked right into a New York deli.

I’m mostly there to check out the two different gluten free soups that they offer daily. The chef is brilliant and comes up with some of the best soups that I’ve ever tasted: Watermelon Gazpacho, Coconut Corn, Chicken & Dill Mazo, just to name a few.

They also have this Kale & Feta salad that I can’t get enough of. It inspired me to create my own salad with a seasonal twist.

First I took a giant bunch of kale, stripped all the leaves from the stalk, tore them into bite size pieces, and covered them with water in a big pot. I boiled the kale for no more than three minutes – just enough to tenderize the leaves.




If you’re making this recipe a day before you’ll actually eat it, you don’t need to boil the leaves because the apple cider vinegar you add will tenderize them naturally. Making it this way is actually the best way to retain all of the nutrition of the kale that you would otherwise lose in the boiling process.

Drain, rinse the kale in cold water and throw in a large bowl. Toss the kale in a mixture of (best if it’s the organic with the “mother”) apple cider vinegar, EVOO, cayenne, and freshly ground pepper and sea salt. Then I mixed in some crumbled french feta from the cheese shop and the arils of a pomegranate.

It was so delicious, cheap and easy. It’s my new favorite way to eat kale!


[Paired with a Caesar wrap for dinner. Lots of greens that night!]