I love colors. I think of and relate things to artistic elements to help my brain wrap around the fullness of it all. I am a color. While, I haven’t figured out what color I am, I’m convinced that it is not the color but rather the saturation that will speak of the identity and purpose.

This blog is simply a collection; the overflow of the passion inside.

Enjoy, my friends.



  1. Thank you for posting the SOZO stuff. It was the first search result on google when I searched for ‘sozo father ladder.’ i re-posted it on my facebook, in fact, for my friends to read and hopefully get the healing they need. Thanks for being a light, sister in Christ!


  2. Hello, I read some of your comments about traveling across country. I have never been to Wyoming, yet I can say I have driven through SD on more than one occasion. You have missed some of the most beautiful land in the USA. You have missed talking to some of the dearest native Americans, and learning about life there. If you ever have the chance again, I recommend two lane highways, visiting places like Pine Ridge where the oasis in the dry place is found in a Christian coffee shop called, Higher Ground: the building surrounded by beautiful plants and foliage placed there by Belva Mathews…owner and godly mother to many who live there. I recommend driving through the Badlands. I recommend seeing how green it can be some years and how dry and parched it can be other years. I recommend Custer State Park, Needles Highway, and Crazy Horse Monument near Rushmore. Much can be seen , if you stop to look……..

    1. Higher Grounds in SD! I know that place! I have a friend who works there and several other friends who frequent that coffee shop when they’re in town for festivals.

      I’m sure there are glorious parts to that area of the country…we just didn’t happen to see them. Maybe next time! πŸ˜‰

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